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Happy St.Pete! Your Premier Happy Hour App

Happy St.Pete

Happy St.Pete! Your Premier Happy Hour App

Happy Saint Pete is your premiere happy hour app. Our desire was to make a fully functioning happy hour app that allowed for the locals of St Petersburg, Florida and tourists to have easy to find happy hour options.

Happy St.Pete

The app features easy to use icons that will Point anybody to the desired type of drink or food they may be craving for the best happy hour options in St Pete. The app breaks down drink options into four main categories which include:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cocktails 
  • D

 in the app you also notice our top featured restaurant at the top. As you scroll down you’ll also notice 3 other featured locations that we like to call “Our Happy Places”. As you continue to scroll you’ll see an interactive map that gives the user the ability to see a direct path to that desired happy place with also the ability to click into Google Maps to get direct directions to your desired location. 

This app was created for one main purpose and that was to connect bars to the people of St Petersburg, Florida. This easy-to-use application can be found in both the Google Play Store and within the Apple App Store. We noticed that St Petersburg Florida hold a lot of great bars and restaurants that many people don’t know about or have access too.  St Pete happy hour app truly brings together the best what Saint Pete has to offer. One of the coolest features that is yet to come but will be updated soon will be our bartender profile. Imagine being able just like your favorite bartender and know when he or she is working and where. eventually will include a texting opportunity where bars and bartenders can send out specific messages about specials and appearances. 

The Happy Places 

We also noticed that it was hard for bars to reach out to customers if those people were not in certain specific groups on Facebook or other small communities. This application  doesn’t just Serve the People of Saint Pete but also the small businesses that make up this happy community.  We know covid hit us extremely hard and we’ve seen it within the small business community of St.Pete. A side goal of this application was to help small business owners and bars market their restaurants / bars in an easy to use app. 

Why St.Pete

The founder Joey Lowery realized once moving here there really was not a lot of opportunity to find the best places to meet people and enjoy happy hours here locally. Having moved from Scottsdale, Arizona and seeing how accessible happy hours were there, Joey  knew he had to create an app that would connect happy hours and people together in one easy-to-use place. Joey had this to say about Happy St.Pete, “ I wanted to create an app that everybody could have on me device that could connect bars,  the local community, and visitors all 2 the great things that St Petersburg Florida had to offer. I haven’t really seen an app like this before so it was a very nerve-wracking task to put this together. but overall I think it’s going to be an awesome opportunity to the small businesses and the people of Saint Pete. I’m excited to add more features once we launch and are officially live. but as of right now I’m just happy to see something that was merely a dream come to life.” This much-anticipated happy hour app will be launching summer of 2021. 

Who’s Happy

We noticed while we were building this application that a lot of bars and restaurants didn’t really post their happy hour menu on their website, so it has been kind of a struggle to pull information through the web.  We anticipate that many restaurants that we have on the application may be missing information or menu prices could be wrong.  We ask that if anybody finds any errors please reach out directly at info@HappyStPete.com

 We also wanted to give an opportunity where we could recommend our top featured happy hour and also the next top 3. This gives people an easy access point to our top recommended bars and restaurants. We also didn’t want to show any favoritism initially in building this app, but as time goes on the people of St Petersburg, Florida could potentially vote for their top restaurants.

Happy St.Pete Updates

A few major core updates that will be available soon our features like:

  • Customer profiles 
  • Bartender profiles
  • Voting / recommendations 
  • Texting opportunities 

 As the app has rolled out we are excited to see the different options and changes that will come as more people download the application. We do expect there to be errors but since this is an app that is the first-of-its-kind we’re excited just to launch. 

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